Silicone Rubber Sheet

Solar laminating Sheet Silicoone Rolls
Red Silicone Sheet  Grey Silicone Sheet
Key Features:
  • FDA Approved
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation
Temperature: -40ºC to +200ºC, +250ºC short term.
Shore hardness: 60º ‡ 5º (standard)

Translucent, white and red,blue,black,grey as standard.
Roll size (mtrs):
30m x 4.0m(width)
Thickness (mm):
0.3 up to 25
CNC profile cut, standard press-tools

Silicone is also available in 40° and 50° shore hardness.
Flame retardant, platinum cured and cloth reinforcement grades are also available.
Many other colours of Silicone sheet are available on request.
Cut pieces available upon request
Technical Information:

Density (Specific Gravity)
Hardness (degree Shore A)
55 ± 5°
Tensile Strength (Mpa)
Elongation at Break
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Abrasion Resistance (mm³)
Tear Resistance (kg/cm)

The following grades of Silicone rubber sheetings are available from Fullchance. Please follow the links below for more information.
Compound suitability chart: click here for a comparison of Silicone rubber sheets.  This may help to select your rubber type. 
Standard Grade Rubber Sheeting 

Transparent Silicone Rolls

Red Silicone Rubber Sheets

Black Silicone Rubber Sheet

Blue Silicone Rubber Sheet

Grey Silicone Rubber Sheets

Thin Silicone Rubber Sheets

Silicone Sheet For Solar Laminator Silicone Vaccum Bag

Solid Silicone Rubber Sheets

Nitrile Rubber



We also supply a range for chinese specification silicone sheet.  Please follow the links below for our most common types:

FDA silicone rubber sheet

Commercial silicone rubbe sheet

Industrial silicone rubber sheeting

Utra wide silicone rubber membranes

Thin silicone rubber membranes

Red silicone rubber sheet

Transparent silicone rubber sheet

White silicone rubber sheet

Black silicone rubber sheet

Silicone vacuum bag

Solar laminating machine silicone sheet

Silicone rubber sheeting for Glass laminator

Grey silicone rubber sheet

Blue silicone rubber sheet

Super wide silicone rubber sheet

20mm thickness silicone rubber sheet

Solar Laminator Silicone Rubber Sheet Glass Industry Silicone Rubber Sheet Silicone Rubber Sheet for Vacuum Film Machine


New Technology Silicone Rubber Sheets

Cloth Insertion Silicone Sheet Silicone Sheet for Solar Laminators Silicone Vacuum Bag
Silicone Membrane for Vacuum Film
Sucking Machine
Hot Pressing Silicone Rubber Sheet  Fluorosilicone Rubber Sheet

Extended Products---Silicone Foam Sponge

Open Cell Foam for Ironing Table Closed Cell Sponge for Cushion New Technology Silicone Foam
Sponge Foam Roll Silicone Foam Strips Silicone Sponge Tubes
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