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RUBBER SHEETS - Fullchance rubber sheet limited is a leading supplier for all rubber sheet material. Whether you are after Natural Rubber Sheet, Neoprene Rubber Sheet, EPDM Rubber Sheet, Nitrile Rubber Sheet, or Silicone Sheet, Fullchance rubber sheet limited can help. We hold in stock many standard thicknesses including 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm thick. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of our credit card facility, most rubber sheet can be supplied on a next day basis. Our rubber sheeting can be provided to specific sizes or rubber roll and neoprene roll can be purchased in full rolls. Our rubber sheets are sourced from the best manufacturuers throughout the world and therefore you are guaranteed a quality product that performs to the highest standard. General purpose rubber sheet is normally supplied in either a black or white colour, but various coloured solid rubber sheeting can also be supplied, however would be subject to a minimum meterage being taken. Standard thicknesses of neoprene sheet, commercial rubber sheet as well as EPDM sheeting are all held in stock for immediate despatch and at amazing prices.

At Fullchance rubber sheet limited, whether it is a full roll, a certain length or a cut piece, we can offer you huge savings on other leading stockists. Moreover, Fullchance rubber sheet limitedis a leading manufacturer in the washer and gasket trades and therefore can offer any rubber product as a stamped component if desired. Most rubber base materials are held in stock and can be supplied on a next day basis. With no cutting off charge, and small minimum order quantities we can cater for every situation. We frequently sell numerous rolls of rubber and small cut pieces simultaneously. Furthermore, with the introduction of our new credit/debit card facility it makes it even easier to get your rubber sheet

Rubber matting rolls are also readily available for lining car boots, entrance ways or horse boxes and horse stables. These can be supplied in a fine fluted or coin pattern.
Rubber sheet can be supplied in numerous finishes and grades, from straight forward natural rubber sheet to British Specification and Fire Retardant grades. Rubber sheet is available by the square or linear metre, strip, roll or just cut piece. Please ask a member of our sales team for more advice on our rubber sheet.  A self adhesive backing can be applied to most of our rubber sheets if required.
Standard Rubber Sheet we hold in stock:
·      Neoprene Rubber Sheet 
·      EPDM Rubber Sheet 
·      Nitrile Rubber Sheet 
·      Silicone Rubber Sheet 
·      Viton Sheet 
·      Rubber Matting Sheet 
·      Butyl Rubber Sheet 
Employing a dedicated and experienced team of over twenty people, Fullchance rubber sheet limited is a rubber sheet supplier that offers a high standard of product at a very competitive price. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on a fast delivery, understanding the needs of our customer's requirements, and reacting accordingly. Moreover, Fullchance rubber sheet limited is run solely by family, and with the current generation having over 70 years experience in the trade, it enables the customer to deal with somebody that is knowledgeable within the field and therefore fulfil any enquiries both promptly and efficiently.
All grades of rubber sheet are available with fast lead times, and the vast majority of standard grades and thicknesses held in stock for immediate despatch. Whether it is simple natural rubber sheet or high temperature rubber sheet you are after, at rubber sheet limited you are sure to be supplied with what you need. Grades of rubber differ for specific applications so please feel free to ask a member of our sales department for more information.
All colours of rubber sheet can be manufactured depending on overall quantity required. Common grades of neoprene sheet and EPDM sheet are produced in white and black colours, however we do have a facility to colour match any colour of rubber sheet supplied, but again this is dependant on quantity required.
We are also fast becoming the leading CHINESE manufacturer and supplier of all anti vibrational rubber pads, rubber blocks and all rubber fabrication. If you require your rubber sheet cut into any shape of strip size please ask a member of our sales team for more information.
At Fullchance rubber sheet limited, whether it is a full roll, a certain length or a cut piece, we can offer you huge savings on other leading stockists. What's more, with the introduction of our credit card facility, most standard thickness rubber sheet can be paid for immediately and delivered next day!! rubber sheet limited also offer a slitting service, meaning that rubber sheet can be supplied as individual rubber strips, or continuous rubber coils if required


If you are in need of Rubber Sheet or Rubber Slab and it has to meet Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), MIL, FDA or other government or industrial standards, you need look no further. Fullchance can meet your specified needs. Fullchance carries a wide range of rubber sheet in materials including Viton® and Silicone for prompt shipment. Our rubber sheet and rubber slab material capabilities include: 

  • Solid/Dense Rubber Sheet and Sponge Materials including:
    • Neoprene Rubber Sheet
    • Neoprene/EPDM Cloth Insterted Rubber Sheet
    • Silicone Rubber Sheet
    • Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheet
    • Silicone Cloth Insterted Rubber Sheet
    • Silicone Vacuum Blankets
    • Viton® (100% Dupont-Dow) Rubber Sheet
    • Viton® Sponge Rubber Sheet
    • Fluoroelastomer (FKM) (Generic Viton® Rubber Sheet)
    • Fluorel® Rubber Sheet
    • Butyl Rubber Sheet
    • Hypalon Rubber Sheet
    • Buna 'N' Rubber Sheet Black (Nitrile)
    • Buna 'N' Rubber Sheet FDA White (Nitrile)
    • Buna 'S' Rubber Sheet (SBR)
    • Nitrile Vinyl PVC Sponge Rubber Sheet
    • EPDM Rubber Sheet
    • Polyurethane Rubber Sheet
    • Latex Rubber Sheet
    • Natural Gum Rubber Sheet
    • Kalrez® Rubber Sheet
    • Hypalon® Rubber Sheet
    • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
    • Synthetic Polyisoprene 

  • Commerical and Specification Grades
  • Thickness as low as.005"
  • Slabs up to 3" thick
  • Widths up to 72"
  • Cloth Inserted/Reinforced (CI) Materials
  • Fiberglass Inserted/Reinforced Silicone Sheet
  • Smooth and Fabric Finishes 

In addition to carrying a full range of elastomers, Fullchance can:

  • Formulate your material to meet FDA ingredient requirements
  • Offer you a FullRange of Fabricating Techniques including:
  • Precision Slitting
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Application
  • Precision Steel Rule Die Cutting
  • Water Jet cutting

If you have any questions concerning what the best material for a given application is, our experienced Sales Engineers can offer you guidance and answer your questions about the spectrum of materials available to meet your needs

Cultural Philosophy------------Let us create a great and bright future together

 Fullchance is a big family, and everyone is important part in our family. We will work together, and go hand in hand all over the word!

Core Values---------- To be integrity, Working attentively

Fullchance's core values require all staff not only to be a honest man but also to work attentively. Under the premise of being integrity, we do everything well attentively. While we are doing any thing, we need to be honest.

To be integrity---It's fundamental to work and build company. Honesty, high sense of responsibility and high credibility are the human criterions for all staff of our company.

Management Philosophy---------- Honesty, Innovation, Standard, Unity

Honesty---People who live on the world should be a benedictine and trustworthy person. As long as we promised, we should try our best to do it to get the customers' trust, which can win the honor for our company. 
Innovation---Creating the value for employee and enterprise by the innovation, Winning the initiative by the innovation, which can speed the development of our company and all staff. We strive to the first- class staff and enterprise!
Standard---Strict working process and regulations can improve work quality and efficiency, stimulating the enthusiasm of the staff work, in order to offer better service to customers.
Unity---Unity is strength. We are a big team, even a big family. Everyone play to their strength, to realize our common goal!

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