Rubber Strips for Textile Industry

Thickness: 1mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4.5mm

Width:    40mm/50mm/80mm/100mm
Tensile Strength: Customized
Appearance color: Customized

Feature:  excellent anti-wear property, strong tensile force, and superior adhesion ability, providing effectiveness at worksites.


Fullchance, one of the most reputable manufacturers of roller covering, always manufactures high quality products which perform well in anti-friction, anti-high temperature and longevity, and is popular in OEMs from Europe and America. More than 40 types of Fullchance products are widely used on :

1. Rapier loom, water-jet loom, circle weaving machine, film splitting machine 
2. Dyeing machine, forming machine, printing machine, 
3. Fabric guide roll of finishing machinery, such as raising machine, shearing machine, sueding machine, compacting machine, weft straight machine 
4. Guide rollers of paper manufacturing machinery.

We are supplying black or green flocked fabrics used on rapier loom with width of 15, 18, 23, 24, 25, 27mm. 
Material: Silicone, NBR, NR, anti-static NBR, PVC, PU, cork rubber, nylon, synthetic fiber and woolen felt, etc. 
Appearance: Flocked, plain, grinded, orange skin and fabric grin, etc. Different appearance with different friction coefficient used for different fabrics. 
Standard length: 50m and 100m. 
Standard width: 38mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm. 
We can also supply products in any width according to your requirement. We can supply Fullchance roller covering with back-adhesive or glue for your convenient fix.

Product Images by Use
1. Textile Machine (Air/Water Jet Rooms), Rapier, Garment Machine, Raschel, and other
FC-101 FC-102 FC-201 FC-301 FC-302 FC-303
BO-401 FC-404 FC-406 FC-406T FC-408 FC-410
BO-501 FC-503 FC-506 FC-602 FC-603 FC-702
BO-802 FC-803 FC-808 FC-SAS808 FC-901  
2. Fabric Inspection Machine, Textile Processing Machine, Rolling Machine, batching,, PP, PE, and other
FC-406 FC-406T FC-409 FC-410 FC-501 FC-503
FC-505 FC-506 FC-602 FC-603 FC-701 FC-707
FC-903 FC-SAS403 FC-SAS808      
3. Stenter, Tricot, Printing Machine, and other industrial machinery
FC-401 FC-402 FC-403 FC-404 FC-S401 FC-S402
BO-S403 FC-S405 FC-406 FC-406 FC-407 FC-901