PVC Foam Sheet

What Is PVC Foam?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. This plastic is easy and affordable to make and can easily be adapted to a wide variety of applications. PVC is used in a number of specific types of material, including vinyl flooring. Another common use of the product is PVC foam board.


PVC foam is a special form of PVC, but the base material is still manufactured using the same process used to create all PVC products. PVC falls into the category of thermoplastic resins. It is made primarily from a combination of chlorine and carbon. The carbon in the plastic is obtained from oil and gas, but this plastic actually requires less oil and gas than many other types of plastic products.

Closed Cell

PVC foam board is made in a closed cell foam structure. This structure gives it the properties that make it useful as a material distinct from regular PVC plastics. Solid foam products are classified as being either open or closed cell. The open-celled foams have a system of tiny pores running throughout that are all connected to each other. These types of foam absorb liquids into the pore structure. Closed cell foam does not have pores that connect to each other.


PVC foam does not appear like many of the other foam products people are familiar with. Instead, it is almost always compressed into thin sheets that actually resemble cardboard more than larger and more pliant foam products. However, it is still a foam, it is just created in a foam board structure so that it can be cut and shaped easily while taking advantage of the strengths of the material.


PVC foam is used most often for creating displays and signs. It is strong, rigid, easy to cut and work with and can be printed on easily. It is also available in varying thicknesses and colors so that people can find the exact product they require for any advertising needs. It is also extremely light, which makes it ideal for products such as portable signs or trade booth displays because it can be packed flat and easily carried by anyone.

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