Natural Rubber Sponge

Fullchance manufactures various qualities of natural rubber foams, which are supplied in roll form in thicknesses of 2,3,4,5, or 6mm according to the customer’s requirement. The foams are also manufactured in different densities and can be supplied in white or other colors as required by the customer. The foams are typically used in the shoe industry as liners in the bottom of the shoe to provide support and comfort. They are ideally suited for this purpose, and outperform other types of synthetic foams such as neoprene or polyurethane rubbers, due to the exceptionally high memory and elasticity provided by natural rubber. They can also be used in any other applications were these characteristics are desirable.

Our company is specialized in applied rubber technologies, especially in natural rubber foam for mattresses and pillows, for more then 20 years.

Together with our partners we provide you with solutions for every step in the rubber foam production process, from most efficient compounding chemicals and formulas, high-precision mixing techniques, mould design, cost-effective vulcanisation, careful cleaning and washing to low energy drying.

In 2004 we patented a new process technology, the advantages of which we can summarize as follows:

  • Low capital investment
  • High energy saving
  • Export product quality
  • Reduced space requirements
  • High flexibility in shapes and sizes
  • Fast reaction to changing markets
  • New products
  • Faster ROI
  • Higher profit

Common Natural Rubber Sponge

Open Cell Sponge NR Sheet Foam Natural Rubber Foam Natural Rubber Foam Sponge Roll
Orange NR Sponge Open Cell Natural Rubber Foam Sheet  NR Ruber Foam Strip