Fluorosilicone Rubber Sheets

Fullchance Fluorosilicone Rubber Sheeting is designed to be used in conditions where extreme conditions exist. In addition to extreme temperature resistance, its resistance to chemicals such as oils and fuels makes it an ideal material for fuel delivery applications in the aerospace, automotive and defense industries. Our fluorosilicone sheeting is an excellent gasketing material available from 30-70 durometer. Call customer service for many other variations of this material.


High & low temperatures environments


Electrical insulation

Environmental insulation

Where chemical resistance is needed

Features and Benefits

Extreme temperature resistance

Excellent ozone and weather resistance

Good compression set characteristics

Radiation resistance

Chemical resistance, including excellent oil resistance


Continuous roll or sheet

Thickness: 1/64″ to 1″

Color: As per your requests

Method of Application
A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing and/or mechanical fasteners.
Fluorosilicone Rubber can operate over a very wide range of temperatures (-60°C to +200°C) and their resistance to di-ester lubricants, ozone and weathering is excellent. They have good electrical strength and moderate oil resistance.

However, they are particularly expensive rubbers and unsatisfactory for use with phosphate esters. Like Silicone rubbers, their physical properties and permeability to gases are poor.

Typical applications include aerospace fuel system components, diaphragms, gaskets, hose lining, seals and O-rings.



ASTM D-2000 Classification


Chemical Definition

Fluorovinyl Methyl Silioxane

RRP Compound Number Category

17-0000 Series

Durometer or Hardness Range

35 – 80 Shore A

Tensile Strength Range

200 – 1,500 PSI

Elongation (Range %)

100 % – 480 %

Temperature Range

-80 to +500°F


Extreme good temperature,ozone,weather,radiaton&chemical resistance


New Technology Silicone Rubber Sheets

The 5th Generation Silicone Sheet
for Solar Laminators
The 2th Generation Silicone Sheet
for the Encapsulation of  
Solar Modules
Silicone Sheets for
Solar Photovoltaic Laminating
FC2111- Silicone Membrane for 
Vacuum Film-coating Machine
FC2211- High Tearing Silicone 
Sheet for Vacuum Presses
FC2321- Cloth inserted Silicone 
Sheet for Hot Presses
F3112-Common Grade
Silicone Vacuum Bag
FC3222- High Tering Resisting
Silicone Vacuum Bag
Transparent Silicone Strips

Extended Products---Silicone Foam Sponge

Open Cell Foam Silicone Sheet
for Ironing Table
Closed Cell Sponge Silicone Sheet Silicone Foam Pad
Silicone Sponge Sheeting Roll Silicone Foam Strips Silicone Sponge Tubes
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