Recycled Rubber Sheet

Fullchance recycled rubber flooring has a number of excellent features to enhance the look,feel and life of your floor. The commercial and recreational recycled rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly,homogeneous EPDM/recycled rubber floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear.The durability,flexibility,safety,comfort,slip resistance and aesthetic appeal makes the reycycled rubber flooring the true perfect solution for both indoor sport and commercial and recreational flooring applications.

The Recycled Rubber Roll Sheet with color fleck in different percentage.  

The recycled rubber flooring is a brightly colored EPDM granules mixed black rubber granules,MDI binder from the production of prefabricating,with features like color-rich.non-slip,shock absorption,noise reduction...etc,applicable to all types of indoor venues.

Great Features: 

Easy Installation,  

Low maintenance, 

Comfortable and flexible, 

Water permeable,Anti-slip, 

Taste and no irritating smell,

High Flame-retardant,