EPDM Rubber Sport Flooring

Fullchance EPDM sport rubber flooring Series is prefabricated rubber sports flooring system specifically engineered for all weather sports applications. It is a true multipurpose sports surface ideal for schools, clubs, colleges, universities and public facilities.

By incorporating a resilient recycled rubber base mat, Fullchance EPDM sport rubber flooring can be supplied in various thicknesses and be optimized for just about indoor and outdoor sports requirement. The top surface is made of a high durable, colored synthetic EPDM rubber ensuring optimum playability.

Fullchance EPDM sport rubber flooring is versatile, looks great, wears extremely well and is practically maintenance free. It exhibits excellent functional characteristics of slide control, slip resistance, rebound and safety.

Fullchance EPDM sport rubber flooring is ideally suited for all-weather sports applications such as street courts, tennis, basketball and multi-purpose recreational grounds. Fullchance EPDM sport rubber flooring has also been used around football/soccer fields as a protective safe surround.

When you choose an Fullchance EPDM Sports rubber Floor, you are acquiring a first class, sophisticated product supplied by a leading manufacturer of sports & recreational surfaces. 

100 Rubber sheet (100% EPDM RUBBER ROLLS)










Verious colours

Thickness: 2mm—10mm


Length:10m,15m,20m. Or according to the customers' requirement.


 For Color selection, any color available 


1, EPDM sheet is EPDM particles bonded together with glue made of rotary cutting, color, color stability.
2, EPDM sheet is EPDM colored star particles mixed with glue made of rotary cutting bonded together. Various colors, with colors according to customer requirements.
3, EPDM black rubber sheet with waste particles bonded together with glue made of rotary cutting. Cost for the ground floor.