EPDM Athletic Running Track

Athletic Track

Fullchance rubber  track

For all kinds of indoor and outdoor track and field, training track, high jump long jump runway goods, crosswalk.


Thickness: 13 mm ( or custom thickness not exceeding 13 mm )

Width: 1.22 m( or custom width of not more than 1.22 meters )

Volume length: 15 meters --20 m (or specified length upon request )



Fullchance track for a variety of venues

A.Fullchance track 13mm is certified by IAAF :


 B.Fullchance track 9mm:

This 9mm thickness model is applied to the secondary site of the playground.


C.Fullchance track 18mm:

This 18mm thickness model is applied to the Javelin Venues,Long jump and High jump Venues.


 D.Fullchance track 23mm:

 we can also produce 23mm thickness track,this model is applied to 3000 meters Obstacle Race Track.


    Fullchance prefabricated running track is the surface resulting from the research conducted by the Fullchance engineering team.

    Its innovative texture, backing geometry and formulation have improved:

Greater shock absorption
Greater vertical deformation
Less pressure on the foot
Greater contact area
Better lateral support of the foot
Higher energy return
Fullchance is a prefabricated synthetic rubber track surface, vulcanized, with a closed cell structure.
The manufacturing process improves consistency of thickness and mechanical proprieties throughout the surface.
Fullchance running track ensures water flow efficiency in rainy conditions. The non-slip and non-reflecting surface has been designed to optimize traction to provide greater contact area .
The elongated honeycomb structure of the backing improves the lateral support to the foot and provides additional comfort to the athlete.
Fullchance is supplied with MUTI-colour or black backing Upon request .the surface is available with top layer in Red or other colours accordingly .