Fabric Inserted/Reinforced Rubber Sheet

Rubber Insertion Sheets or popularly known as Diaphragm Rubber Sheets are Fabric reinforced Rubber Sheets. 1, 2 or more layer of fabric are being inserted in Rubber Sheets this reinforcement could be of either Nylon, cotton  fabric this provide strength to the Sheets. Nylon Fabric Reinforced Nitrile Rubber Sheets are widely use as Diaphragms for Oil, LPG, Solvents & Gases resistant application in Automobile & other Industry.


Nylon Fabric Reinforced Nitrile Rubber Sheets are resistant to Petrochemicals, Gases.


Automobile Industry, manufacturing of Valves, regulators, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Pumps.

Composed of 1,2 or more layers of Nylon fabric reinforced between Nitrile or Neoprene Rubber Sheets.

Length x Width   -               

  1. 1mtr x 2mtr,
  2. 1mtr x Long length,
  3. 1.2mtr x Long length,
  4. 1.5mtr x Long length,
  5. OR As Per customer’s requirement.

Rubber Sheets manufactured in the range of 0.3mm to 25mm.

    1. Smooth on both sides
    2. Fabric on one side, smooth on other (Rubber Coated Fabric).


Diaphragm Rubber Sheets could be manufactured as per the mentioned Properties & Variation depending upon application requirement.

  1. Specific Gravity (gm / cm3)
  2. Hardness  (Shore A,±5) 
  3. Tensile Strength, min (kg/ cm2 )
  4. Elongation at break, min(%)
  5. Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%)
  6. Service Temperature Range
  • 1.20to 1.30
  • 60 to 70
  • 80 to 100
  • 250 to 300
  • 25 to 30
  • -30° C to +120° C
Fabric Reinforced Rubber Sheets could be manufactured with a no. of Polymers like chloroprene, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, Nitrile, NR depending on site requirement.  Diaphragm Rubber Sheets could be supplied in thickness as less as 0.3mm maintaining  accuracy & precision.  

Other Types of Cloth Inserted/Reinforced Rubber Sheets

Cloth Insertion Silicone Sheet Cloth Inserted NBR Rubber Sheet Fabric Insertion EPDM Rubber Sheet
Cloth Insertion SBR Rubber Sheet
Fabric Reinforced Neoprene Rubber
NR Rubber Sheet with Cloth Insert

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