Foam Silicone Roll


Fullchance rubber Ltd expert in manufacturering various silicone foam rubber sheet and related silicone rubber foam gasket/tube, with excellent quality and rational price.
Hope to be a supplier of you.
Especially siliconr foam sheet meet any technology demand of you.
Customize according to your demand.

[Specification Available (mm)]
290*380*(5-15) 380*380*(5-15) 400*600*(5-15) 500*500(2-30)
500*600*(5-15) 600*800*(5-15) 1000*1000*(5-12)
1000*1200*(5-12) max width :4m max length :50m

[Special Specification (mm)] can be customized
Min Length: Unlimited Max Length: Unlimited
Min Width: Unlimited Max Width: 1200
Min Height: 1.0
Max Height: 30.0

[Color] can be customized
Red, Grey, White, Black

[General Application]
Mechanical seal, Electronic Appliance, Plate backing hot stamping

(1) Inodorous, even, good elasticity, high intensity, durable
(2) Heat resistance can reach over 280 Celsius degree without changing
(3) Tolerance of Product plane parallel degree within 0.05mm




Test Standard

Tensile Strength: