Environment Protection

The company's development philosophy: People, Environment, resource

  1.Production Waste Steam Recycling: :Warm the workshop and dormitory. Recycled steam can heat the water entering the boiler, less the loss of the heat.
  2. Steam, Electricity power saving: The heat consumption can be reduced by using much longer heat press. We are invested two longest heat press line in the world to increase the 20% use rate of the steam and reduce the 10% electricity power loss.

  3. Reasonable control the discharging time and volume of the waste steam, reduce the discharge of the exhaust steam.
  4. Saving power consumption: Full use the on peak and off peak power. Let the employee get into the habit of switch off the light when leaving room.
  5. We could produce the rubber dam which is environment friendly, energy-saving, less foundation invest. The project can save 30% steel, 20% cement, 60% wood, The 30-70% dam investment can be saved.
  6. SWR Solid Woven Fire Resistant Belt is the newest product developed by Huaxia, putting the NN, EE bone material into the use, get rid of the old weave structure with cotton, weight per SQM down 40%, E.G. PVG 2000s:22.8kgs/SQM for the common one; 16.2kgs/SQM for the SWR solid woven fire resistant belt. The light belt make the power lower and contribute the energy saving.