Rubber Elastomers

Our technical staff has a working knowledge and the capabilities to formulate rubber compounds from any of the following elastomer groups. We do not stock sheet goods in most of these elastomer types but we do have existing formulas or can custom compound a material to fit your needs for purchase in uncured, slab form.

In house compounding allows Mosites Rubber Company to keep up to date with the latest advancements in polymer chemistry and compounding technology. A continuous effort is made to improve our product line to serve the every changing needs of industry.

The following information is general to each type of elastomer. Compound variation can result in materials that perform above or below these listed standards. Please call with information specific to your application for an elastomer recommendation.

Good resistance to alcohol, amines, petroleum oils, and gasoline's over a wide range of temperatures. Also good resistance to caustic salts. Fair acid resistance. Poor in strong oxidizing agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, and esters. Temperature Range -65°F to +250°F

Good resistance to strong acids, salts, alkali's and chlorine solutions. Good resistance to weathering, sunlight and ozone. Has long service life at temperatures up to +300°F. Poor oil resistance. Temperature Range -30°F to +300°F

Good in moderate acid, alkali and salt solutions. Resistant to commercial oils and fuels. Poor in chromic and nitric acids, aromatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Temperature Range 0°F to +175°F

Chlorinated Polyethylene 
Good chemical and caustic resistance. Temperature Range -20°F to +275°F

Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene 
Good acid, alkali, and salt resistance. Resists weathering, sunlight, ozone, oils and commercial fuels (diesel and kerosene). Not good in aromatics or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Poor in chromic acid and nitric acid. Temperature Range -30°F to +250°F

Good resistance to strong acids, alkali's, salts, chlorine solutions. Has long life at temperatures up to +300F. Not good in oils or solvents. Temperature Range -75°F to +300°F

Good oil, ozone and chemical resistance. Fair low temperature resistance. Not good for chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons. Temperature Range -40°F to +350°F

Ethylene Acrylic 
Good resistance to high temperatures, petroleum based oils, hydraulic fluids, glycol-based coolants, ozone and weathering. Not recommended for organic solvents or aromatic fluids. Temperature Range -65°F to +375°F

Ethylene Propylene / Silicone 
Good resistance to high temperatures, hydraulic fluids, glycol-based engine coolants, ozone and weathering. Not recommended for organic solvents or aromatic fluids. Temperature Range -65°F to +375°F

Good resistance to oils, fuels, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and strong acids. Not good in amines, esters, ketones, or steam. Temperature Range -40°F to +450°F

Good resistance to petroleum based fuels. Poor resistance to ketones, hydrazine, and hydraulic fluid. Temperature Range -80°F to +400°F

Good resistance to acids, alkali's, salts and chlorine solutions. Not resistant to hydrocarbons (oils, crude, motor oil, etc.) Temperature Range 0°F to +375°F

Good resistance to heat, ozone and oil. Generally attacked by water, alcohol, glycol and aromatic hydrocarbons. Temperature Range -20°F to +400°F

Good abrasion resistance. Good in weak organic acids, alcohol, moderate chemicals, and ketones. Not good in ozone, strong oxidizing acids, fats, greases and hydrocarbons. Temperature Range 0°F to +175°F

Good hot-oil resistance. Unaffected by sunlight and ozone. Has long service life at elevated intermittent use up to +600°F. Not good in steam, ketones or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Temperature Range -100°F to +450°F

Good resistance to abrasion and sunlight. Good Mechanical properties. Generally resists moderate chemicals, fats, oils and greases. Not good for ketones and acids. Temperature Range -40°F to +200°F

Tetrafluoroethylene / Propylene
Excellent resistance to acids, bases, high pH corrosion inhibitors, sour gas and oil, high pressure steam and alcohols. Temperature Range -10°F to +500°F



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