Product Design and Development

The purpose of the R&D Center is to design and develop products demanded by customers in the most efficient way.

Research and Development Center
In order to meet the ever-changing market demand, Fullchance Rubber Sheethas established an effective R&D organization. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities, our R&D organization is able to provide the best solutions from design concept through product application. The R&D Center plays a vital role in our company's development and growth. 

Core Technology

Since the establishment of our company, we have been improving molding processing technology through our product line of rubber sheets, molded parts and hoses utilizing high molecular materials.

CAE (Structure, a fluid, sound)

Based on this core technology, our product range is constantly growing to include high precision parts and components with advanced composition.
In addition, we respond to changing customer demand and specifications in a prompt and timely manner, making the best use of our polymer recipes and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).

New Technology Frontiers


Experiment Laboratory
We are moving fast into the fields of energy, telecommunications, and environment.
Fullchance Rubber Sheet Research and Development capabilities are supporting these fields with new technologies and innovations like new components for fuel cell and highly insulated houses.
Our target is to create new products with high performance and added value based on our unique core technologies.

Fullchance Rubber Industry manufactures a wide range of Hi-Tech Rubber Products for most precious and intricate applications for Food, Pharmacy, Medical and Heavy Engineering sectors in China and for overseas customers. The Company is using best Rubber Technologists for best result at user end with rich experienced R & D Department and reinforced with management capabilities. The company is having well equipped testing facilities, advanced mixing systems, Microwave curing systems, world class fully automatic Braiding system, Boilers, Vulcanizers, Moulding and Hydraulic presses of different models and Tensile Testing Machines etc.

Our R & D Department is capable for special applications; our custom molded and custom extruded programs are designed to provide unique solutions. Our team will help to guide you through the process of specifying the correct material and (just as importantly) the correct manufacturing process, while taking into consideration your special requirements.
Customers have been drawn to our quality, efficiency and competitive prices and have stayed for the service. We are experienced in handling a wide variety of rubber and Polymer products for a diverse range of industries. 




1. Provide satisfied products to the customers.
2. Improve the material properties for easier processing and better quality, in order to get lighter, high strength     and durable products.
3. Improve the processing technology in order to get cost down and increase the production capability.
4. Develop and commercialize new technology to make profit.

5. Develop new material to serve more customers.


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