Latex Foam Sheet

1.Best suitable for latex topper / latex sheet/ latex roll/latex foam for in a whole of mattress. 
2.density: 56-110kg/m3
1. Product name: latex foam sheet
2. Latex foam sheet specification:
180*200*(1-5CM) / 120*200*(1-5CM) /150*200*(1-5CM)   
Or other size, Maximum width: 210cm
3. Characteristic
Density:  60~110KG/M3 ,  usually density: 65~70 KG/M3
compression  30%
Width tolerance 5%   
Length tolerance2CM     
Thickness tolerance0.2CM       
4. Latex foam sheet special features 
1. Best suitable for latex topper / latex sheet/ latex roll/latex foam for in a whole of mattress; also for sofa
2. Density: 60-110kg/m33. Latex sheet we can do any size;  Latex roll the largest width: 2.15m; the largest length:50m, thickness range: 1-3 cm; 
4. Best-suit as mattress sheet and mattress topper. ;
5. Latex roll climate-controlled materials;
6. Pure natural latex is breathable, comfortable, health, anti-bacterial and anti-mite; let your skin enjoy the tenders care of nature.
5. Function description
1,excellent elastic:natural latex’s high elastic can satisfy different weight of people;
2,shape-correcting faction:latex mattress’s touch area is 5 or 6 times than ordinary mattress which can distribute body weight evenly and correct bad sleep position making spine in a nature state, thus playing a shape-correction faction.
3,ventilation and animate:latex’s fancy molecular striation which has hounds of honeycombed air holes can adjust moisture.  Well conformability and good ventilation improve your sleeping quality
4, anitbacterial, anti-allergic:  test shows dust will not get close latex. It can completely restrain germ growth which is best for asthmatic, allergic potions.
5,super mute:extremely quite, turnover ,get on/off bed will not affect others. Super mute, when you toss and turn will not disturb others and can reduce your movements. Make you sleep better
6. Application scope:
Low and middle-class mattress, sofa, cushion and high-class gift package.
Avoid direct sunshine, high-heat, overload compression, and forbid washed by water; longtime folded and high tens lance not allowed. Be away from fire. 
. ……
10pcs /bag
3pcs /bag
2pcs /bag
2pcs /bag

What is Latex Foam?

Latex is a natural, biodegradable foam, that comes from the rubber tree predominantly found in the rain forest of South America. The material is tapped from the tree in a similar fashion as maple syrup from a maple tree. The rubber tree can then recuperate for a few weeks and be ready again to supply the natural latex to the farmers. Latex provides a good source of income for the farmers, but more importantly the rubber trees are now seen as a replenishable source of income that outweighs the value of the land to a logging operation! Every bed made will help to acquire 8.5 acres of virgin rain forest, which will not be chopped down! 

How does Latex Foam feel?

Latex foam contours to your body's curves, and moves with you as you move in the bed, providing continuous orthopedic support. 

As Latex contours to your body, your body weight is spread over your entire sleeping surface. The contouring effect spreads your body weight over more of the sleeping surface and minimizes "pressure points", thereby creating a more comfortable sleep. Pressure points can create discomfort and cause you to toss and turn more frequently, so Latex's contouring property reduces pressure points to help you toss and turn less, and sleep better. 

In addition, another feature of Latex foam is the "open cell" structure that enables the mattress to "breath". This feature allows the release of body heat and moisture keeping the sleeping surface comfortable. 

What are the added benefits of Latex Foam?

Latex foam is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, mites and other odor causing germs; properties the rubber tree aquired through evolution in tropical rain forests. Since many people are allergic and sensitive to allergens, Latex can help improve overall health comfort by reducing the presence of them in the bed. 

Latex also reduces motion transfer between you and your partner. When your partner moves in the night, you are not as likely to feel the movement from their side of the bed. Less disturbance from your partner's movement means you can sleep quieter, deeper, without interruption and sleep better. Another property of a Latex mattress is that it does not need to be turned. 

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