Closed Cell Natural Sponge Sheet

Specificaiton :60mX105mmX1.5mm
rubber sheets are made out of natural rubber taken out of latex fluid, are used for the purpose of flooring. Our natural rubber sheet stresses remarkable mechanical properties, low compression set, great resilience and dynamic properties. Rubber sheet should be sturdy enough to adapt to different The operating temperature and be impervious to acids, alkalis and salts. It is not recommended for application in areas where it comes in contact with oils and hydrocarbons.

 Key Features:    

  • A natural sponge product with a distinctive pattern skin
  • Soft and compressible
  • Excellent compression recovery

 Applications:     Dust proof gaskets, packing pieces


 Thickness (mm):   3 up to 25. 
 Width (mtrs):  Up to 1.
 Length (mtrs):  Variable.

Technical Specifications: 

 Colour  Orange
 Polymer  Natural Rubber
 ASTM Spec (D1056-85)  1056 RO12-1A2 Medium Density Grade
 Compression Deflection at 25%  Medium  5-10 Psi
 Accelerated Ageing % change in compression
 Deflection at 70%
 Temperature Range  -40ºC/+80ºC
 Density (average Kg/m3)  380±10%
 Tensile  280 kpa
 Elongation  250%