Red SBR Rubber Sheet

Color: Red 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -20° to 170° F

Description: Red SBR rubber is a very versatile rubber material with moderate temperature ratings and good tensile strength.  Red Rubber is flexible and tolerant of service temperatures over 150°F for long periods of time.  Red Rubber is heat resistant  containing a quality compound of styrene butadiene.  

Application:  Red Rubber of SBR type is used primarily in the gasket industry.  More specifically, Red rubber is used for a flange gasket material in piping applications.  The low resistance to oils makes the red rubber better suited for applications in no petroleum based systems.

Red Rubber SBR Technical Data:

Standard Grade SBR Rubber Sheeting


Commercial Grade
SBR Rubber
Black SBR Rubber Sheet
Red SBR Rubber Sheet

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