Nitrile Rubber Cord

Nitrile Rubber Cord / Rod               

Color: Black
Surface:  Smooth OD
Temperature Range: -20° to 220° F

Description: Nitrile Rubber Cord and Nitrile Buna N Rubber Rod is a good choice for sealing those areas where fuel, solvents and hydrocarbons are being retained.  The nitrile cord is resilient to many fuels and solvents while maintaining flexibility under pressure.  Nitrile rod is typically not used in application where UV exposure is constant.

Applications:  Used for O-rings and seals.  Nitrile Rubber cord can also be used in areas where a light seal to capture hydraulic fluids and fuel run off.  Mostly seals and O-Rings are the main uses for Nitrile rubber cord.

Standard Grade Nitrile Rubber Sheeting


Nitrile Rubber Rolls
Commercial Nitrile Rubber
Medium Strength
Nitrile Rubber

High Strength
Nitrile Rubber

Fabric Reinforced
Nitrile Rubber

FDA White
Nitrile Rubber

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