FDA Nitrile Rubber Sheet

Color: White / Off White 
Surface:  Smooth
Temp Range: -20° to 212° F

Description: Nitrile Rubber FDA Compliant is the preferred rubber material in places where food safety is important and longevity is crucial to environments that need oil resistance. Boasting a high temperature of over 200° F, FDA Compliant Nitrile rubber is consistently strong and stays flexible during temperature cycling.

Applications: FDA Compliant Nitrile Rubber is primarily used in food processing equipment, buffers, belts and transport conveyors for the food handling industry.  With Nitrile's ability to withstand hydrocarbons and caustic surroundings, the FDA nitrile is a good fit for food processing machinery that will inevitably move grease and lubricants onto the rubber.

FDA Compliant Nitrile Rubber Technical Data:

Standard Grade Nitrile Rubber Sheeting


Nitrile Rubber Rolls
Commercial Nitrile Rubber
Medium Strength
Nitrile Rubber

High Strength
Nitrile Rubber

Fabric Reinforced
Nitrile Rubber

FDA White
Nitrile Rubber

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