High Strength Nitrile Rubber

Color: Black 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -40° to 190° F

Description: Nitrile Rubber, High Strength is very well suited for fuel resistant applications that require a higher tensile strength to make it more durable in more demanding applications.  Nitrile rubber is also known as Buna N rubber.  Nitrile is used extensively in military applications for fuel and ozone resistant gasketing.  

Applications: Fuel tank gaskets, aviation fuel liners, diesel tank gaskets, weather stripping for automotive applications and many other Fuel and Environmental resistant applications.  High strength Buna Nitrile rubber works well in applications where solvents are present.  

High Strength Nitrile Rubber Technical Data:

Standard Grade Nitrile Rubber Sheeting


Nitrile Rubber Rolls
Commercial Nitrile Rubber
Medium Strength
Nitrile Rubber

High Strength
Nitrile Rubber

Fabric Reinforced
Nitrile Rubber

FDA White
Nitrile Rubber

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