Medium Strength Nitrile Rubber

Color: Black 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -30° to 220° F

Description:  Medium strength Nitrile rubber is has a higher tensile strength at 1,000 PSI and good elongation at 325%.  Med Strength Nitrile will hold up in tough petrochemical environments because its higher content of nitrile.  Having the higher formulation of nitrile, the material resists solvents and oil better than most standard synthetic rubber materials

Applications: Medium Strength Nitrile rubber is used in many applications where the rubber material must withstand oil and solvent but remain strong while in use.  Used in hydraulics, gaskets, seals, cable trays and automotive gasketing.

Medium Strength Nitrile Rubber Technical Data:

Standard Grade Nitrile Rubber Sheeting


Nitrile Rubber Rolls
Commercial Nitrile Rubber
Medium Strength
Nitrile Rubber

High Strength
Nitrile Rubber

Fabric Reinforced
Nitrile Rubber

FDA White
Nitrile Rubber

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